Zakkerz Temporary Pant Roll-Up Wraps – for those times you just have to wear flats

Zakkerztemporarypantroll The Fashion Police more or less live in high heels, which means that on those occasions when we have to (or want to) wear flats, we have ourselves a problem in the form of pants that are suddenly way too long, and have to be rolled up to allow us to walk without stepping on the hems constantly.

Of course, you could buy two pairs of all your favourite styles – one to wear with heels and one to wear with flats – but that could get expensive, so Zakkerz have come up with these "temporary pant roll ups" instead. They’re basically strips of elastic with magnets in the end, which allow you to roll up your pants and make sure they stay rolled up (that’s normally not a problem with denim, but some other fabrics just roll right back down again) while you walk.

No, it’s not the best look in the world, but these are intended for women who wear flats or trainers to walk to work and then change into heels when they get there, rather than for wearing all day.

Would you use them, do you think? A pack of four costs $30 at Shop Intuition, if so.

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