Not gonna touch it at that price, but I actually …

Comment on Yves Saint Laurent’s Spiral Clutch: for those who love notebooks by Misty.

Not gonna touch it at that price, but I actually think it’s really cute!

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Clothes-That-Are-Stuck-Together-Crimes: Preppy Chic Sweater Tunic from Forever 21
Kind of cute, badly in need of some pants. I’d probably wear that, actually.

Frankenshoes: Marc Jacobs Runway ankle boots
If they were inexpensive, I’d probably get them as a curiosity; they’re just the sort of shoes I can see going PERFECTLY with a costume, I just have no idea what costume that would be.
However, at that price tag, I can’t imagine buying something so peculiar looking unless they come with three wishes.

Dress of the Day: Tibi embroidered cotton batwing dress
It looks more like a poncho than a dress.

Fashion Police Fraud Squad: Julien MacDonald does Lanvin’s one-shouldered leopard print dress
I’m gonna jump in and mention that I, too, think the inexpensive one is much more attractive.

Fashion Police Fraud Squad: Two-in-one halter dresses from New Look and Forever 21
I agree with Katie. I think the Forever 21 version seems a little sleeker.

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