You paid HOW much?! Caroline Herrera bow sweater


Now, we love this sweater. Seriously, how could we not? As regular readers know, we’re like magpies, only with bows rather than sparkly things (OK, with bows as well as sparkly things), and this? Is gorgeous. Just gorgeous. So, the second we laid eyes on it, we began to imagine all the things we’d wear it with, and to think dreamily about how our lives would be transformed by ownership of the Caroline Hererra bow sweater.

And then we looked at the price.

$1,190. One. Thousand. One Hundred. And Ninety. Dollars.

We may have had to call for our smelling salts.

If you think this price is justified, you can hand over the readies to Bergdorf Goodman. We, meanwhile, will be making do with a plain black sweater and a long silk scarf tied in a bow at the neck. Same basic effect, mere fraction of the cost. Perfect.

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You paid HOW much?! Jimmy Choo’s ‘Dylan’ beach bag


The Fashion Police will be spending part of December lying on the beach getting some much-needed sunshine, so while most of our friends stock up on cosy sweaters and thick socks, we’ve been buying up flip flops and bikinis. And beach bags.

We haven’t been buying this one by Jimmy Choo, though, and that’s because this rather cheap looking see-through bag costs £495, and our actual holiday is costing less than that. Bargain. (The holiday, that is, not the bag). Oh, and also because we’re pretty sure that if we can hold out until next summer, most of the glossy magazines will be giving away bags that look just like this for nothing.

Would you pay almost £500 for this bag? If you would, you can get it at Net-a-Porter


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