Yeti Style: Roberto Cavalli wool and fur sweater

The Yeti Sweater

When Chanel sent models dressed as yetis down the runway as part of their Winter 2010 show, we thought, “Haha, very funny, Uncle Karl, but that’ll never catch on.”

Now here we are, a few short months later, showing you a cropped sweater with arms like a teddy bear’s.  (You know, for all those times when your arms are freezing, but your belly just begs to be on show?) And it’s not the first time this has happened recently, either. Just goes to show what we know, eh?

Roberto Cavalli’s cropped sweater is 100% cashmere combined with real fur, so as well as enraging Peta, it’ll probably also enrage your bank manager, given that it’ll cost you £710 / $1,132.

What do you think of it?

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  • October 14, 2010


    I’m convinced now that this is a joke and the designers secretly laugh at the fashion victims who buy this overpriced crap. Or why else do experiments like this one never look good, but have weird colours, unflattering cuts or horrible combinations of fabrics?
    I’m sure an idea like “Let’s try teddy bear sleeves!” could be made to work, but this sweater here doesn’t show any signs of somebody making the effort. Instead the only impression it gives is “Hey people, let’s design a REALLY ugly sweater! I think a cropped belly would be great. And let’s take really heavy fur for the sleeves so that the shoulders look truly saggy and out of shape. And then let’s sell it for $1.000. Haha, so much fun!”
    And the worst part is: People will buy it because it’s “designer”. And that really makes me puke.

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    • October 15, 2010

      Rock Hyrax

      I’ve suspected that for a while.

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