I think it would have been ok without the tie …

Comment on Dress of the Day: Yellow sundress from Mango – reader nomination by Amy.

i think it would have been ok without the tie belt…what with the ruched bust, it seems like there’s too much going on at the front even though it’s really quite plain.

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Style on Trial: thong sandals with a difference
i never thought my feet could regurgitate until i saw these.

‘Who’ – Five O’Clock Heroes feat. Agyness Deyn
she’s gorgeous and i both love and hate her obsession with breaking fashion rules. this song is ok too, but i’m sure she makes enough money without having to inject the music industry with yet another mediocre celebrity crooner. i’m pretty certain if they didn’t layer her voice she’d sound rather meh, haha.

Style on Trial: Christina Ricci at the Met Costume Institute Gala
i LOVE this dress but she definitely wouldn’t have gotten away with it at any other event. christina ricci has always been a style icon of mine, plus she’s also physically and aesthetically perfect. but i’m sure that must mean she’s a total cow. i’m not jealous at all.

Fashion Police Checkpoint!
david bowie t shirt, odd socks and some brown shorts which havent been washed for a while…ive been reading ford maddox ford in bed since i woke up. it is unbelievably hot in 4th floor uni dorms even on dreary days! xx

Style on Trial: Carrie’s Eiffel Tower handbag by Timmy Woods
i love ittt šŸ™‚ sarah jessica parker’s style oozes confidence but doesnt concern itself with being ‘edgy’ or denying womanliness, but rather celebrates it and flaunts it in the most spectacular way and through the most fabulous things :).

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