Write for The Fashion Police: Guest posts required!

handcuffsAs many of you know, we suffered a catastrophic loss of data on Friday which we’ve been working hard to fix ever since. We’ve now managed to restore the lost posts to the site, but we’ve still lost a large number of draft posts which Heart Internet (our hosts) tell us there is no way to retrieve.

So we need your help.

We’re looking for Guest Posts, most of which will be published next month.  If you’re a regular reader of The Fashion Police, you’ll already know the kind of thing we publish: if not, you’ll find our submission guidelines here, so please take a look and get in touch if you have any questions.

Important! Because we have such a large archive of posts, it’s really important that you check to make sure we haven’t covered a particular item before you start writing about it. You can use the search box at the top of the page to do this, but feel free to email us if you’re not sure whether something is suitable for the site.

Posts should be emailed to us by December 1st, and please do make sure to check the submission guidelines first!

Thanks so much for your help!

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