Would you wear… your bra in public?

Bras in public

Mark couldn’t believe Zoe was letting her bra straps show…

You’re probably wondering who these two are. Well, they’re  Mark Wright and Zoe Hardman. They’re on TV in the UK. One of them is wearing her bra on the red carpet. Yes, we know it’s covered by a think layer of sheer fabric, but a thin layer of sheer fabric does not a “dress” make, so we stand by our original statement: she is wearing a bra on the red carpet. And that makes us wonder: would you? 

Celebrities, you see, have been doing this kind of thing fairly often recently. They think nothing of going out in public in little more than a bra and a net curtain. Sometimes it’s not even a particularly nice bra.

Obviously we “don’t understand fashion”, so we’re not down with this look at all, and will be slapping the cuffs on young Ms Hardman as soon as we’re done typing this. Before we do, though, tell us: have you ever gone out in your bra? Would you? Is NOT going out with your bra showing one of those fashion “rules” that are now totally defunct and only for fuddy-duddys, i.e the type of people who go around saying, “A lady never appears in public without her panty hose!” and “OMG, WHITE! AFTER LABOR DAY!”

Still, at least we won’t have to worry about visible bra straps any more, if so…

[Image: PRPhotos.com]

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