Would you wear…big sequined knickers? (And not as lingerie)


More and more often these days we find ourselves heaving a sigh and muttering, “Lady Gaga has a lot to answer for” under our breaths…

The last time this happened was just a few days ago, while your fashion force were conducting an undercover raid on Topshop. As we browsed through the rails, we were distracted by a gaggle of women, all gathered around one particular item, which appeared to be amusing them greatly judging by the whoops of laughter coming from them. Naturally, we swooped in to investigate, and as the crowds parted before us, we discovered that the item in question was… a pair of big, sequined knickers, as illustrated above.

Now, we’d seen a lot of these on our travels that day (in stores, thankfully – not on people. Not yet.) and just to be clear: these are not being sold as lingerie. No, they’re supposed to be worn as pants, with nothing over the top of them. You know, Gaga style. We’re assuming they’re supposed to be worn in this fashion as clubwear, and presumably only with those with a whole lot of confidence in the state of their thighs, so we ask you: does that describe you? Will you be buying a pair of high-waisted, sequined knickers and wearing them with pride in the name of fashion? Or are they good only if you’re planning a Lady Gaga costume for Halloween this year?

Sequin knickers, £40, Topshop

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