Would you pay to borrow jewellery?

Jewellery_bluebangleSick of wearing costume jewellery? Want to wear something a little more unusual, but don’t fancy paying a fortune for it? Well, bluebangle.com has the answer – hire it.

This service is similar to the designer bag-borrowing sites we’re all pretty familiar with by now – Bag, Borrow or Steal is the first example that springs to mind. The idea here is more or less the same: you pay for a monthly subscription to the site (subscription prices start from £14.99 per month) and, for that, you get to select jewellery from the website up to a pre-defined value, which is then delivered to your door, and is yours to borrow for as long as you need to. 

There’s more information at the company’s website, where you can also browse the full range of jewellery available. What do you think of this idea, though? Would you pay to borrow jewellery, or do you prefer to buy it outright or stick to the costume stuff?

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