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Would you buy… pre-wrinkled clothes?

We know from previous posts here that  a lot of our readers hate ironing. So do we, to be honest, although we do it in preference to walking around in wrinkled clothes.

What if the clothes were ALREADY wrinkled, though? As in, that’s how they’re supposed to look, and if you tried to iron them, you’d be completely defeating the purpose, stupid!

These Miss Selfridge tank tops fall into that category: they’re £14 each, and come with that “pre-worn and washed” look, so they’ll look like they’ve been lying in a crumpled heap at the bottom of the wardrobe no matter what you do. They remind us of those “crinkle” shirts people used to wear in the 80s, and they actually make us feel a little itchy, like we desperately want to IRON something. Right now. That’s what OCD does for you, kids!

Do you like the “I don’t own an iron” look enough to want to buy clothes like this? For us they fall into the same category as pre-ripped jeans: yes, it’s a particular kind of look, but it’s one we can achieve perfectly well on our own without paying someone else to rip and wrinkle our clothes for us, but if you love these to death (they actually look like they’ve ALREADY been loved to death, but whatever), you can buy them here.

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