Fashion Police, Sock Horror!

Would you buy… Etro’s £565 stud applique tights?

OK, so we must admit, we kind of like these. They’re studded tights, after all, and we think they’d make a great way to make a simple dress or skirt look a little more interesting.

Here’s the thing, though: they’re tights. And they’re £565 / $885. We could buy a holiday for that much, and at least we wouldn’t be able to ladder it first time we wore it. The product description sadly neglects to tell us just how thick these tights are, but unless they’re reinforced with iron or something, we just now we’d be able to ruin them without even thinking about it, and to be honest, it would be quicker and easier to just take our £565 and throw it directly into the trash, rather than using it to buy these tights, laddering them beyond repair and THEN throwing them in the trash.

In other words, the ongoing trend for hosiery that costs more than some people pay in rent every month is one of the most puzzling aspects of modern fashion we can think of it.

If $800 is but a drop in the ocean to you, though, and you’re more than happy to spend it on tights, you can buy these ones at Far Fetch. Just don’t let the cat near them…

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