Wooden legs, courtesy of Cheap Monday jeans

Wooden_legs Arrr, me hearties! Here be wooden legs! Two of ’em! Yo ho ho and a bottle o’rum!

Er, sorry about that. These aren’t actual wooden legs, of course, but Cheap Monday have tried to make them look like they are, and you have to give them some credit for sheer imagination at least, no? Think about it: as well as dressing up as a pirate and scaring all your friends, you’ll also be able to stand around in the woods, disguised as a tree. Seriously, who wouldn’t want to do that?

This photo also demonstrates what we believe is another fashion crime, namely the wearing of skinny jeans with sneakers. Then again, of course, what kind of footwear would you wear when you found yourself with a pair of tree trunks for legs? Your input here would be most welcome…

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