Budget Buy of the Week: Wonder Woman tee from Urban Outfitters

Wonder_woman Back in the distantly-remembered days of her youth, the Chief of Police was a huge Wonder Woman fan. In fact, she had the “vest and pants” Wonder Woman set and everything, and that’s probably why this Wonder Woman themed t-shirt from Urban Outfitters is appearing as this week’s Budget Buy of the Week.

To be completely honest, we don’t really think $28 is particularly cheap for a t-shirt, but that’s probably just our stingy side talking, and this is fun, cute, and will also make an excellent Halloween costume later this month if you’re feeling particularly lazy – which, let’s face it, we usually are.

If you’d like to indulge your childhood dreams too, you can pick this up at Urban Outfitters. Golden rope not included…

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  • October 4, 2008


    Love it! I’m heading straight to the mall to pick one up. I always dress as Wonder Woman for Halloween, and now I can do it more subtly all the time!

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