A pair of thigh high boots that A – Fit my …

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A pair of thigh high boots that
A – Fit my legs
B – Don’t look like hookerwear
C – Don’t cost more than my yearly rent.
I will never succeed in this, but I cannot help but long for them.

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When leggings mate with jeans…
This model has, without doubt, the pointiest knees I have ever seen.

Celebrities in Fancy Dress: Heidi Klum, Seal, Pink, Demi Moore, Kate Moss, Alicia Silverstone
Did Kate Moss go to the party as Kate Moss?
I must say I was so impressed by Heidi when I saw her… truly epic costume skills. Cute points go to Alicia’s trick or treat worthy ensemble

Style on Trial: Alexander McQueen knit military dress
THANK YOU! I knew I could count on The Fashion Police to see that this is as hideous as I thought. I totally saw skeletons, and I still am now. All. Wrong.
Oh, and Chica, I think this is available as a blazer too.

“Style” on Trial: ‘Heelarious’ high heels for babies
It distresses me enough to see ten year olds in spaghetti straps. The world’s gone mad, and I feel like someone’s grandmother despite being 21.
These aren’t so much heelarious, as a disturbing facet of a society which ages our girls at an alarmingly accelerated rate. I know they’re meant to be fun, but crayons and cars still do the trick much better.

Fashion Police Poll: What’s your shopping addiction?
It was once shoes, but due to extremes of pennilessness I’ve refrained from shelling out £40 a time on a treat and moved to the even more needless pursuit of buying dresses. Every time I buy one I do wear it, but I don’t need any more AT ALL, and sometimes I realise that when I wear jeans I have absolutely no tops at all to wear them with.
The same goes for a couple of pretty skirts. I might as well just venture out in my bra at this rate.

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