Distressed leather equestrian boots in tobacco brown. A plush …

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Distressed leather equestrian boots in tobacco brown. A plush velour hoodie. “Lulu” peep-toe heels in tulip from J. Crew. I already have a chic camel-colored winter coat (y’know, for the grand total of ten days I might need it over the South Florida winter!), but I’d love to pick up a few shorter coats in different colors, like deep violet or maroon.

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[Guest Post] Fashion on a Budget: Why is it so hard?
This is an interesting dilemma for me because I recently gave up a very high-paying job (one that allowed me to frequently shop for designer items — nothing in the $600 and above range, but still) to pursue my passion, which unfortunately comes with an “I can barely pay my bills” salary, at least for the first few years. So while I’m lucky enough to have accumulated a few choice designer items, I have to wait for the rest of them to hit the clearance racks. I check Rue La La, Gilt Groupe, and Haute Look frequently, and if there’s a particular item I have my eye on, I’ll check eBay. I actually got last year’s DvF Sophia Loren dress for about a quarter of the price by stalking the item on the internet for a good five months until it finally showed up on eBay for under $200 (the dress was originally $400).

Still, buying something over $100 is a splurge for me these days, so I’ve taken to patrolling the sale racks (both physically and online) at stores like J. Crew and Banana Republic, as well as at Norstrom and Saks. I’m also lucky enough to live an hour away from an outlet mall that carries Theory and Tahari, to name a few. No, I no longer have the budget to have a completely designer wardrobe, and even designer sale items are sometimes out of my monetary grasp (at least right away — I’ve become very good at saving and waiting patiently). But I believe that by having a few good designer/high-quality pieces in your wardrobe, you can mix-and-match them with lower-end pieces in a nice, clever bit of subterfuge. So far, it seems to have worked for me. When I last wore my Seven jeans (which I got on sale at Rue), they got so much attention that no one even noticed that my little flannel vest was straight from the Forever 21 clearance rack 🙂

Good luck!

Fashion Police Checkpoint! What are you wearing right now?
What I’m really wearing: Gray Gap Body lounge pants and a peacock-blue V-neck T from J. Crew. Bah!
What I’d be wearing had my plans not fallen through: Black pencil skirt, teal green boatneck sweater, black skinny patent-leather belt, black stiletto-heel Mary Janes. Prim, but no-fail.
Current dream outfit: Medium-rinse skinny jeans, tobacco leather equestrian boots, fitted herringbone blazer.

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