I’ve had flat, knee-high boots in yummy brown leather on …

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I’ve had flat, knee-high boots in yummy brown leather on my mind since last winter. I keep convincing myself that I don’t REALLY need them….

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The Return of the Poncho: good thing or bad thing?
Is there that much of a difference between a poncho and a cape?
I’ll admit that ponchos make bags and coats difficult and they tend to droop into my food, but they are so snuggly!
Mini poncho: http://whatiwore2day.blogspot.com/2007/01/harvest-colors.html
Fur ponocho: http://whatiwore2day.blogspot.com/2007/12/winter-white-denim-with-fur.html

Victoria Beckham unveils new dress collection at New York Fashion Week: what do you think of it?
Nice, but, (is it just me?) the skirts seem WAY too long. If I bought one of her dresses, I’d hem it to the knee or just above. Otherwise, I’d look like I swallowed in fabric, even with the heels.

Fashion Trends: summer scarves
I WISH I could wear scarves all summer. If you live anyplace hot and humid, then lightweight scarves are reserved for spring, fall, and air conditioning.

Knitted wedding dress – with matching cap!
I have to stick up for the idea of a knitted wedding dress. Have you seen Killing Me Softly with Heather Graham? She wears a knitted wedding dress that I would love to copy!

Style on Trial: Dresses over jeans, a la Jennifer Love Hewitt in Marc Jacobs
Love dresses over jeans! Hannah’s “rules” are spot on. I once tried a dress it over white, straight-leg jeans and it was NOT good!
My Dress over Jeans attempts: http://whatiwore2day.blogspot.com/search/label/dress%20over%20jeans

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