Winter Fashion Trends: Animal Print on everything

Animal print clothes

(All items, Miss Selfridge)

If you do a lot of shopping, read a lot of fashion magazines or just have eyes, you’ll probably have noticed that there’s a whole lot of leopard print goin’ on this winter. (If you failed to notice this, then we’re sorry to be the bearers of bad news.)

Of course, animal print in general, and leopard print in particular, is one of those things that never really go away, whether we want it to or not. Whatever the season, and whatever the year, there’s generally an animal print something-or-other to be found in the stores, and that’s not always a bad thing, either. This year, however, is different. This year, we’re looking at a head-to-toe animal print invasion. It’s on shoes. It’s on dresses. It’s on skirts. It’s on coats. It’s on…look, we could continue here, but we’re sure you can name clothing items yourself, yes?

When it comes to animal print, our personal – and note the word “personal” here – rule of thumb has always been that it’s an “accessories only” kind of print. On a belt, or a hat, or a pair or shoes, say, a bit of animal print can add something to an outfit: a GOOD something.¬†Especially¬†in the case of leopard print shoes, which we LOVE. On clothes, though? On clothes, this is a print which has to be approached with caution, lest you end up looking like a middle-aged barmaid in a northern soap opera. Or worse. So while we’re not totally opposed to the concept – we could possibly imagine wearing the pencil skirt show in the image above, for instance – we do worry about the liberal application of animal print to ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING.

Animal print, you see is just not an ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING kind of thing. That stretchy mini skirt, for instance, will give us nightmares now. The dress with the mesh panel is just one can of spray tan and a set of gigantic false eyelashes away from being too tacky to live.

And then there’s things like this:

Leopard print jumpsuitJumpsuit, $572, What Goes Around Comes Around

It is The Fashion Police’s belief that the words “leopard print” and “jumpsuit” should never appear in the same product, for when they do, a fashion crime will surely follow.

Don’t believe us?

leopard print jumpsuitRebecca Minkoff jumpsuit, $498

All you need to do is to consult the Peep Toe Boot rule here to see that we’re telling the truth.

This is also an issue:

leopard print pantsLeopard print pants, $396, A.L.C.

So, what do you think of animal print? Is it OK in moderation, a comlpete no-no at any time, or are you happy to clothe yourself in it from head to toe?

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