River Island Autumn/Winter 2013

winter 2013 fashion from River Island

Well, this is … confusing. We just can’t make up our minds what River Island’s winter 2013 fashion collection is all about.

There’s an outdoor/woodsy/grungy vibe from the plaid, and the fur, and the beanies.

There’s a mod/60s vibe from the shift dresses and tall boots.

There’s a 50s vibe from the midi-length full skirts and dresses.

There’s a vintage/30s feel to the long pink dress.

There’s a really quite perplexing green metallic blouse, which wouldn’t look out of place on Crystal Carrington, circa 1985.

Is it all things to all people, or is it just a bit of mish-mash of styles and looks? We think this requires further investigation, so let’s take a look at the evidence…

Gallery: Winter 2013 fashion from River Island


  • August 9, 2013


    Looks like they couldn’t make up their mind so just put many eggs in many baskets! And I’m not sure that I really like any of it, which doesn’t surprise me as I go through phases with River Island.

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  • August 11, 2013


    Any idea when the boots pictured are available? I’ve been hunting for a pair of thigh-highs for ages and I could possibly afford river island.

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