Ladies? Yes I am a man but I am a …

Comment on Why Dressing Up Is Not a Crime of Fashion by Jefferson.

ladies? Yes I am a man but I am a true supporter of the fashion police and Shoeper Woman and her efforts. For all the ladies who feel they are overdressed at times or most of the time, I wouldn’t classify it as overdressed, I would say you have more full-time class than other women, it’s like a breath of fresh beauty to the world, like that smell that invigorates you after fresh spring rain. Never think your overdressed your just showing more class than the woman who wears pajamas or sweats and Uggs to the grocery store to do her shopping. If I knew I wouldn’t get slapped every woman that had class enough to where ensembles like that I would tell her “it’s nice to see a lady with class, thank you… I love the shoes ” but I would probably get slapped more times in my face could handle so I keep my silence and appreciate the ones who are overdressed.

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