One thing I hate is, to put on another outfit …

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One thing I hate is, to put on another outfit is a pain in the ass – I got into something I liked and thought about for quite a bit (depending on the day) and it was possibly stressful if I thought I was running late. And people think they’re doing me a favour by suggesting I change? I wasn’t looking for anyone’s permission!

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Crime of Fashion? Ripped knee jeans take over
I dislike the distressed/destroyed look for jeans, and it looks even stupider confined to one place. I also think I would dislike these jeans anyway – they look extremely tight even with no-one in them, and they all seem kind of dated – ’80s to ’90s. The washes and the fabrics look ugly.

STYLE TRIAL | Elizabeth Olsen’s See-Through Dress from the Godzilla premiere
I would like it with a lining. However, the first thing that struck me was that the picture on the right looks to me like a smaller head has been Photoshopped onto a larger body. Which is odd, since it’s the same pose, the right is simply larger on her face and torso.

Fashion Crime Friday | Furry footwear and other crimes of fashion
I thought of a horse face for #2, but when I read your comments I could definitely see Simba, as well. It especially makes me think of the poster art for The Lion King on Broadway.

Fifty Fashion Fails (According to a new survey)
I can only guess that the fedora thing is because of the stereotype that self-proclaimed Nice Guys and entitled bronies who want My Little Pony to cater to them and not the target audience wear fedoras – basically assholes who write anonymous internet hate and threats.

Wear or Die | Comme des Fashion Criminals
B looks like a sad cartoon bird

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