Happy to say I haven’t seen anybody wearing pajamas on …

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Happy to say I haven’t seen anybody wearing pajamas on the street either :D.
I wanted to add that it’s very strange how things are, because for me going to London a few years back was a completely “enlightening” experience regarding shopping for clothes – I discovered Asos (in Glamour Uk), Topshop, Warehouse, River Island, Oasis etc. – basically most of the shops I now shop (online) from.
To me the UK is shopping heaven! We don’t have any of these shops here (but we do have Zara and the rest of the gang – which are hugely popular) and I find it strange that someone who has all those options at their fingertips doesn’t take full advantage of them.
I suppose part of it has to do with you having led “the good life” 😀 for a long time, while I (I’m 32) can still remember that during communism we were allowed no buying options and had to buy whatever The Party deigned to bestow upon us slaves :D.
All in all, it’s good news for me – more dresses left for me to buy online :D.

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Why Dressing Up Is Not a Crime of Fashion
For the first time since reading your blogs I feel happy I live in a country in Eastern Europe :). Here (at least in the capital, where I live), almost everyone you see on the street looks like they’ve made an effort to dress nicely – granted, sometimes it’s too much of an effort (such as wearing very high heels when going shopping at the mall) or not the right effort (a lot of girls dress in a pretty vulgar way). So even though for the past 3 years or so I’ve worn almost nothing but dresses, I’ve never got any of the condescending remarks you mention. I knew there had to be something good about living in my country :).

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I really like the black skirt too, in fact I think I’ve liked most of the black flared skirts/ dresses with sheer stripes I’ve seen. I’m even thinking about buying one (a dress) myself, so I definitely like the trend!

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It’s gorgeous!

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Great selection, I love them all! Regarding the colour issue, a few years ago I did try to stop wearing dark coloured coats: the thing is, colourful coats look great when buttoned up, but if they’re unbuttoned, your clothes underneath should go with the coat’s colour, otherwise it’s not that attractive, in my opinion. Also, winter is pretty dirty in my country, so light colours are not that practical I’m afraid. I’ll be trying my luck with a camel coat this winter, but my go-to coats remain a navy one and a dark grey & purple one.

Can you wear boots in summer?
I wear boots in summer when it rains or it’s too cold for sandals. However I wear laser-cut knee high boots, not ankle boots – which I’ve noticed are much more popular in the UK – because I don’t find them very flattering (unless you have very long and slim legs).

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I’ve realized that I actually DO own an “alternatively cut-out” dress after all; your blog suggested similar posts and among them a style trial one featuring the Aqua Cut-Out Cuckoo Dress – which I own; in red! 🙂 But, even though I’ve had it for a few years, I haven’t worn it yet – not because of the cut-outs (I’ve just checked and they are indeed above my love-handles, in a fat-free area), but because I don’t feel very comfortable in the longer than I’m used to pencil skirt (and I think I should be a few kilos thinner to really do it justice).

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