STORY OF MY LIFE! I swear I get weird looks …

Comment on Why Dressing Up Is Not a Crime of Fashion by Riella.

STORY OF MY LIFE! I swear I get weird looks every time I wear something that’s not neutral coloured, and god forbid I wear a pair of heels…

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Trend Trial | Sheer Stripes
I actually really like this trend! Sheer isn’t normally what I go for, since I totally don’t approve of showing undergarments or other unmentionables, but when it’s done right (like the skirt and white pants above) it’s very sartorial because it adds a little pop of interest in what would otherwise be a rather boring garment.

Animal print gets literal
sorry to have to correct you, but those aren’t tigers. they’re leopards!

Chewbacca called: he’d like his leggings back…
as part of a costume, great, but not as an actual item of clothing!

Style on Trial: Prada Spring 2012 Shoes
maybe it’s the Aries in me, but i love the flame ones! not really loving the rest of them though…

Style on Trial: Paula Patton in purple at the premiere of Mission Impossible 2
i am personally a fan of coloured leopard print, but the lace and fit is total overkill! too much!

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