Why are comments closed on Dress of the Day now? - Fashion Police

Why are comments closed on your Dress of the Day posts now?

It’s a long story! In brief, for reasons that aren’t particularly clear to us, Dress of the Day has always attracted a large amount of rude or abusive comments. We have no problem at all with people saying they hate the dress, but for some reason a lot of the people who disliked the dress selections would direct their negativity at the author of the post, and that’s not something we’re willing to put up with.

¬†Ultimately the comments were becoming counter-productive, and we were having to spend a lot of time every day trying to find dresses that most people would like. Eventually we realised that it’s not possible to do that:¬†there just aren’t many dresses out there that every single one of our readers will love unreservedly, so we dropped the column for a while. We had numerous requests to bring it back, though, so as a compromise we brought back Dress of the Day, but closed the comments on the posts.

You can still let us know what you think of the dresses, though, as each post now includes a poll which you can vote on.