I am tempted to pop into the stores and get …

Comment on Who wears short shorts? (Of the high-waisted variety) by ronke.

I am tempted to pop into the stores and get one right now! just to see if I could get away with it!

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The Ugliest Shoes of 2011
I can barely see anything now from bleaching my eyeballs so hard!

If you like any of these shoes though, come win a voucher at fabxchange so you can buy the shoe you love – do check it out http://www.fabxchange.co.uk/2011/12/fabxchange-christmas-giveaway.html

Style on Trial: Noomi Rapace mixes spots and stripes at the premiere of Sherlock Holmes
not crazy about the look she has there… but its not horrible either

H&M admit their swimwear models aren’t “real” women
Its completely disgraceful I must say! fake bodies… honestly it means they know nobody can look fantastic in their “one-size” down clothes!

silly people! in as much as I like their clean lines and things…. they really have taken the piss with this one!

Style on Trial: Taylor Swift’s new ‘do
love it /utterly indifferent… she always looks good enough for me anyway… hence the indifference to the new look

Style on Trial: Fergie in a silver mini dress
Totally wrong! totally guilty! doesnt suit her at all

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