Who do you think you are, telling people what they can and can't wear? - Fashion Police

Fashion Police FAQWe’re not trying to tell people what they can and can’t wear. Actually, we believe people should feel free to wear whatever they like, as long as they remain within the boundaries of common decency. All we do is offer up personal opinions on the world of fashion, and invite our readers to do the same.

Have you ever seen an item of clothing you didn’t like much? We bet you have. Ever discussed your style preferences with a friend? That’s really all this site is about: it’s a place to discuss fashion, and exchange views. Everyone has an opinion, and we’re interested in hearing all of them, whether you’re agreeing or disagreeing with us. We don’t think there’s anything too controversial about expressing personal opinions about something as essentially trivial as fashion, but of course, if you think there is, then this probably isn’t the website for you.