Dress of the Day: White daisy trim dress from Miss Selfridge


We’ve been thinking about this (rather a lot, actually) and we’ve come to the conclusion that it would probably be easiest all round if we just give Miss Selfridge all our money and they give us all their dresses. That’s clearly what they’re trying to make happen anyway, and who are we to argue in the face of such loveliness?

This daisy print dress may be a little too sweet and childlike for some of you, and a little too "flower girl" for others, but it’s also adorable, and if you can pull off the "sweeter than double chocolate chip cookies" look, you can buy this for £50.


  • May 1, 2008


    I am the “cutesy” type that would normally want to pull off something like this and I usually love Miss Selfridge stuff…
    But this is just ugly.

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  • May 1, 2008


    i agree with the previous comment.
    this dress is not very “cute” at all.
    it doesn’t look like it would be flattering on anyone..

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  • May 1, 2008


    I think it looks pretty, but it wouldn’t suit me. I think I’m too old to carry something like this off. It looks a little like the really cute cotton dresses my mum used to put me and my sisters in when we were about 4 years old!

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  • March 22, 2009


    that bow is obnoxious

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