Style Trial | White cleated sole shoes

Flicking through the photos of attendees at London Fashion Week (Which, honestly, is much more interesting than the actual runway photos a lot of the time…) we were instantly struck by the fact that everyone (or, OK, ALMOST everyone…) seemed to be wearing the same shoes. These shoes, to be exact:

Choies cleated sole shoes

Choies cleated sole shoes, $119.99

or sometimes these:

river island

River Island white cleated sole shoes, £60

Or any one of many variations on this style, which is white, chunky, and with that distinctive, cleated sole, which at least looks like it’ll have a lot of grip on it. And that’s really the most positive thing we can think to say about it.

Now, make no mistake: these shoes are not designed to be “flattering” in the conventional sense. They’re huge. They’re clunky. They’ll make your feet look like boats: giant, white, rubbery boats. They’re not supposed to appeal to those of us who love classic style, or clothing/shoes that could be described using the words “sophisticated” or “edgy”. No, these shoes are for the fashionistas: the “edgy”, unconventional ones. This probably explains why there were so many pairs of them in evidence at London Fashion Week.

Shelly gladiator sandals

Shelly’s gladiator sandals, £75


Office ‘Destroyer’ cleated ankle straps, £55

These are just a few examples of some of the cleated styles we’ve been witnessing all over the fashion blogosphere lately: they certainly seem to be popular, but as Fashion Police regulars will know, that doesn’t mean anything to us, which is why we’re putting them up On Trial for you today. As Fashion Police jurors, your job is to look at the evidence before you, and tell us: are these shoes crimes of fashion? Do you want to lock them up and throw the key away? Or are they just what your closet’s been crying out for all this time?

Are they guilty or innocent of committing crimes of fashion?

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  • February 20, 2014


    they look like kid’s shoes… I had a pair of heels like the really strappy ones when I was 8, only difference was mine were rainbow (and didn’t have quite as high of a heel). I say this goes under the Dressing Like a Toddler crime.

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  • February 21, 2014


    They look like the shoes I imagine Baby Spice will wear when she’s ninety.

    The idea that it is “edgy” and “unconventional” to wear the same clunky shoes everyone else is wearing cracks me up. You’re* just so unconventional and wacky that you decided white cleated platforms were “in” at this particular moment, and it’s just some weird fashion zeitgeist that led all of the other fashionistas to have the same idea? OK. Sure.

    *General you.

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  • February 21, 2014


    I love cluncky shoes because they are fun and ironic. as much as I hate stilettos, because they are pretentious. fashion should be fun I think.

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    • March 22, 2014


      Stilettos are “pretentious” ?? Lmfao.. riiiiigggghhhtttt…. crayons are “fun” my dear.. I would imagine you’re just one of the unfortunate souls who can’t walk in stilettos because you are too overweight, or not attractive enough to pull them off.. those are the only ones who bash sexy style and call it “pretentious” in an attempt to make yourself feel better of your own shortcomings, the ones who just aren’t sexy… nice try though lol…

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      • March 23, 2014

        The Fashion Police

        It’s a shame that people can’t just have different tastes without making it personal, and getting judgemental about it, whether it be in the form of branding stiletto-wearers “pretentious” or saying that those who prefer other styles are OBVIOUSLY fat. Can’t it just be that we like different things? Do we REALLY have to make little digs or outright attack people just because they don’t like the same shoes as us? Because that’s pretty sad, if so: this is supposed to be a site where people discuss clothes, not a site where we call each other names just because we don’t happen to have the same taste.

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  • February 25, 2014


    EGON – Hahah – oh my, one of these days those shoes are going to start talking back to you, mark my words.

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  • June 28, 2014


    I have gradually warmed to these shoes. Yes I had a similar pair when I was a kid.
    I actually think these look really good when they are in contrasting colours like black and white, and in a strappy type sandal. Fashion needs to be innovative, and make us fall in love with them, which they do…..

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  • July 16, 2014


    I love the cleared sole and I have always wanted a pair of sandals like the Shelley gladiator ones but I think that they would look Bette with that jelly material

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  • July 16, 2014


    I meant cleated

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