I don’t really care at all. I’ll wear white at …

Comment on Do You Wear White Before Memorial Day? by Anna.

I don’t really care at all. I’ll wear white at any time of the year. Rules like this have always seemed ridiculous to me.

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Fashion Rules on Trial: Never wear white after Labor Day
Really? I live in the South, and I didn’t know that people actually followed this rule here. Maybe it depends on the part of the South.

Red trousers on men: fashion crime?
What bothers me most about this is that a man being gay is considered a negative opinion.

That said, I think red pants can look great on both men and women.

Crime of Fashion? Spiked cutout leggings from Forever 21
I wouldn’t call them a crime of fashion, but they’re weird, and I wouldn’t wear them.

Cut-Out Crimes: Clothes With Strange Cut-Outs
I think the cutout skirt is very strange looking and definitely a crime of fashion, and I think that some shoulder cutouts can look random and weird, but I kind of don’t mind the others. I don’t own anything with cutouts, but if I found a cute top or dress with cutouts, it wouldn’t stop me from buying it.

Five Fabulous Floral Prints
I really like floral print. It depends on the print, but I usually think it’s cute!

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