Hello, fellow Texan! And I agree about the weather. Here …

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Hello, fellow Texan! And I agree about the weather. Here in East Texas, we have the humidity to make all 3 seasons even worse. Thank heavens we’re not in Houston!

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Fashion Crime Friday | The Easter Teddy, and other crimes of fashion
I actually really like the upper part of that jacket. The “skirt” on the other hand looks like the model forgot to pull it back down after using the toilet.

Fashion Crime Friday | Tie dress, tie pants and other crimes of fashion
Those tied pants remind me of the wrap pants that a lot of men in India wear. Only in denim and much less flattering.

Moschino makes McDonald’s-themed clothing, charges small fortune for it
Thanks so much for this post (note the sarcasm). Seeing that mess up there brought back long-repressed memories of being a fast food employee.

Trend Trial | Sensible Sandals as a Fashion Statement
As someone who has problem feet, it’s nice to see how a more “sensible” shoe looks with fashionable clothing. However, even WITH problem feet, I wouldn’t wear these particular shoes with those clothes. There are sensible shoes that you can put orthotic insoles (even sandals) in that are MUCH cuter than these. I should know; I’ve got about 20 pairs. 🙂

The Emperor’s New Tops by Topshop Boutique
And I could have seen myself wearing those too, if they’d been opaque. Speaking of, how the heck did the photographer make the ones without a model look like opaque fabric?

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