Ask The Fashion Police: Where Can I Find Shiny Gold Tights?

Dear Fashion Police, Any idea
where I can find some shiny gold tights?Gold Tights

Hello, our anonymous friend! You don’t say what denier of tights you’re looking for (or, indeed, where in the world you want to buy them), but I’m assuming that as you’re looking for something shiny and gold, you’re in the market for party tights. These are actually not so easy to find in January, with the party season well and truly over, but take a look after the jump and all will be revealed…

gold tights in gold stilettos

Pamela Mann Gold Lurex Tights

Et Voila! Gold lurex tights by Pamela Mann! These aren’t cheap at £9.99 a pair, but the lurex in them will make them a little bit harder to tear than most tights – well, it will if you’re not me, that is.

Wolford Neon 40 Tights

neo 40 gold tights

Even more jaw-droppingly expensive than the Pamela Martin numbers (£14.99! For a pair of freakin’ tights! That’ll be ripped to shreds by my dog the second I try to wear them! Eeek!) but they are Walford, so you can’t expect them to be cheap. They’re also fab, but you know that already…

More Gold Lurex Tights

sexy gold lurex tights
Yes, I know the picture shows them in silver, but they do them in gold too, I promise. These are $12 from We Love Colors,and they look pretty shiny to me…

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