When two styles collide: Sophie Theallet’s patchwork printed dress


Can’t decide whether to wear a dress or pants? Floral print or polka dots? Not to worry, you can wear all four simultaneously, thanks to Sophie Theallet’s patchwork printed dress. And you’ll only have to pay £1195 for the privilege. Phew! Thank goodness that little fashion dilemma is solved, no?

Yes, this is what appears to be the result of a head-on collision between two different dresses (although the floral tie going over the top of the polka dot piece makes it look a little bit like a pair of child’s pyjamas from the front). Either that or it’s just the perfect solution for anyone who wants to look like a 50s housewife, complete with apron at all times. It’s not so much a Crime of Fashion as it’s a crying shame. because we’re sure there’s a beautiful dress underneath that polka dot apron. Anyone fancy taking a pair of scissors to a £2000 dress, to see if you can liberate it?

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