When Sweatpants Go Bad

Sweatpants. God knows, they’re not the most stylish items of clothing out there, but if you want to either work out or veg out, they definitely have their place. So we have no problem with sweatpants in general, but we do have two problems with these 3.1 Phillip Lim sweatpants:

1. They’re $475. FOR SWEATPANTS.

2. They’re as ugly as all get out. Seriously, that high waist? It makes the model look deformed, no? And while we respect her valiant attempt to try to minimise the Abnormally Long Abdomen Syndrome these designer sweatpants of hers have created, by use of a sweater and jacket, the fact remains, she’s simply exchanged that particular look for Droopy Drawers Syndrome instead.

And yet people will pay almost $500 to look like this.

Will you? Click here if you answered “yes”.

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