Maybe with some mid calf boots? …

Comment on When skinny jeans are just *too* skinny… by Monica H.

Maybe with some mid calf boots?

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Wear or Die: Cheap Monday jeans
Ya’ll better than me. Just bury me NOW!!!

Rachel Pally’s sailor pants are one of Oprah’s favourite things, still not one of ours
I can’t back Lady O on this one. LOL

Star Style Wars: Angelina Jolie V. Liv Tyler
*waving hand* I look good in chartreuse. But I am a brown girl. LOL
I like AJ’s look better, just not on her, sso by default…Liv

Crime of Fashion: Brown patterned jumpsuit by Malene Birger
They would have been better off just making it a dress. I like the print.

Crime of Fashion: fur-lined Croc-a-likes by Earth
This is getting out of control.

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