When skinny jeans are just *too* skinny…


I love my skinny jeans, and hope they never go out of style completely, but my answer to the question in the title of this post would have to be "oh hell, yes!" Skinny jeans can reach a point where they’re just too damn skinny for my liking, and when they look like they’ve literally been sprayed on? That point has been reached.

Denimology has just printed this picture, which is of jeans from Mary-Kate and Ashely Olsen’s The Row. My first impression was that you’d need legs like… well, like MK and Ashley, basically… to get away with these, but then again, lots of people these days wear skinny jeans under dresses or tunics, in much the same way as you’d wear leggings or thick tights, so perhaps these could come in useful if that’s the way you want to wear ’em. Opinions?

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