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When is a dress not a dress? When it’s a Stolen Girlfriends Club Meanside Mesh Sleeve Zip Dress

Not a Dress

When it barely covers your crotch, it’s Not a Dress.

When you couldn’t lean forward even slightly in it without showing the world your underwear, it’s Not a Dress.

When it closely resembles a tank top, in length as well as in appearance, it’s Not a Dress.

When it has a weird, sheer half-sleeve (but only one of ’em, mind) which appears to be attached only with a cheap looking zip?

Zip off your half-sleeve!

Zip-off sleeve: genius

Well, OK, we guess it COULD still be a dress with one of those, but let’s just say it’s not a dress we’d be interested in buying. Especially not for £225.

Conclusion? This is Not a Dress, and we don’t care how much and Stolen Girlfriends Club try to say it is one, we will not believe them. Will you?

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