When denim goes bad: G-Star Dean Loose Tapered Jeans

G-Star Dean Loose Tapered Jeans

Oh dear. Where do we start? With the patched knees? The deliberate holes? Or the fact that, were it not for the dropped crotch, this would essentially be a contender for the stuck-together-clothes file: an artist’s impression of a denim mini skirt worn over sagging jeggings, perhaps?

There is frankly nothing right about these jeans. They are not flattering. They are not cutting edge. They are not sexy and could not be made to look so however you dressed them up. Their only saving grace is the fact that they could never produce the camel toe effect, however hard they tried!

To rub salt into the wounds, they weigh in at a hefty £119. Not hefty for a classic denim number, perhaps, but rather costly for something already boasting holes and saggy knees!

Available from G-Star at ASOS.

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