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What to Wear for a Valentine’s Day date, part 2

It’s part two of our Valentine’s Day Style Challenge, so take a look at the outfits you’ll find below, and don’t forget to vote for your favourite in the poll you’ll find at the bottom of the page! 1. Beth’s outfit rings and things and bootcut jeans by bloup featuring Miu Miu shoes

What to Wear for a Valentine’s Day date: Part 1

On Friday we challenged you to create an outfit to wear on a Valentine’s Day date, and now it’s time to see what you came up with! We also asked you whether you’d like to continue being able to vote on Style Challenge results, and the answer to that was an overwhelming “yes”, so you’ll also find a poll at the end of this post. Enjoy! 1 Serinde’s Outfit ‘King John was not a good Man’ by Serinde featuring Anya Hindmarch bags

Style Challenge: What to Wear for a Valentine’s Day date?

Like it or loathe it, Valentine’s Day is creeping up, and so this round of Style Challenge is a free-for all. We want to know what you think would make the perfect outfit for a Valentine’s Day date. Pick your fantasy clothes, or show us what you’ll actually be wearing if you’re planning on celebrating February 14th: it’s up to you! The usual Style Challenge rules apply, and you’ll find them under the jump. One last thing, though: do you want us to continue providing polls on Style Challenge results? Place your vote in the poll below, and we’ll go with the majority decision! [polldaddy poll=2609428]

How to Wear Shorts in Winter: the finalists!

Over the past few days, we’ve been showing you all of the outfits you put together in response to the question “How would you wear shorts in the winter?” Now, however, it’s time to take a look at your favourite three! Under the jump you’ll find the three outfits which attracted the highest number of votes in our polls. Thanks to everyone who took part in the contest, either by submitting an outfit or voting for your favourite. Did it convince you to try out shorts in the winter, though? Take a look at our top three submissions before making up your mind!

How to Wear Shorts in the Winter, Part 3

It’s the third and final installment of our How to Wear Shorts in the Winter Style Challenge! Remember, you can vote for your favourite outfit, so look out for the poll you’ll find at the bottom of this post! 1. Charles’ outfit shorts in winter fash police contest entry by xxcharlesxx featuring Donna Karan hosiery

How to Wear Shorts in the Winter, Part 2

It’s part two of our latest Style Challenge, so here are some more of your suggestions on how to wear shorts in the winter! Take a look at the entries, tell us what you think, and don’t forget to vote for your favourite outfit in the poll you’ll find at the end of the post! 1. Georgie’s outfit: Untitled by georgieisdead featuring Forever21

How to Wear Shorts in Winter: Part 1

Comments have now closed on our latest Style Challenge, in which we asked you to show us how you’d wear shorts in winter, so it’s time to look at the results! As promised, for this Style Challenge, we’re going to allow you to vote for your favourite outfit, and because of the high response to the challenge, we’re going to do this in heats. We’ll publish a new batch of entries every day from now until Thursday, with the winner of each heat going through to the final on Friday, so look out for the poll at the end of this post! 1. Ana’s outfit (below) Shorts In The Winter by anacavet featuring Jil Sander

Style Challenge: How to wear shorts in the winter

It’s been a long time since our last Style Challenge, so we thought we’d start off this year with what we think is a fairly easy one! Short-shorts have been popping up all over the place this winter, and we’ve had a few emails now from people wondering how to wear this traditionally summery item in the colder months of the year. We thought we’d let our readers answer that one for us, and we’ve picked out these cute little polka dot shorts from Miss Selfridge for you to play with. Your challenge is to use Polyvore to build a winter-appropriate outfit around these, and post a link to your set in our comments section, so take a look under…

[Guest Post] Style Challenge – formal evening wear for curvy figures

Deepti writes: I make $45000 a year and I want to be a Fashionista without going broke. I’m bigger than average in size (ahem, lets not discuss exactly how much bigger) but I am sick of Empire waists and Wrap dresses. I know you get what to pay for but do I really need to pay $45 for a scarf in Texas? I know my shoes are fugly but I can’t walk in anything with over a 1-inch heel without falling on my butt. I love this top and the price at Ross but its the wrong size, why the heck can’t I find this in another size here? These are the things that cross my mind every time I…

What to Wear With Jeggings, Part 3

JC’s outfit What would you wear with acid-wash jeggings – assuming you absolutely had to wear them, that is? That’s the question we asked our readers last week, and here’s the final part of their suggested outfits. Thanks again to everyone who took part – look out for another Style Challenge soon!

What to Wear With Jeggings, Part 2

  Take A Bow by shortside40 featuring Kg shoes Rose’s outfit Time for part two of our “What to Wear With Jeggings” Style Challenge results: are you convinced yet that acid wash lycra is the way forward? No? Well, read on and see if any of our latest batch on entries can convince you…

Style Challenge: What to wear with jeggings

Jeggings. They almost never go down well here at The Fashion Police, and yet, every time we set foot outside the HQ we see lots of people wearing them: often badly, it has to be said. In other words: they’re not going anywhere yet, so we thought it was time to investigate how best to wear them. Your Style Challenge this week, then, readers, is to use Polyvore to build an outfit around the jeggings shown above.  Just to make it even more difficult fun, we’ve selected a pair of acid wash jeggings, too. You can thank us later. You’ll find the rules of the game under the jump. If you simply want to BUY the jeggings, meanwhile, they’re £18…

Style Challenge: What to Wear with animal print?

Damn, we’re cruel, aren’t we? For the last couple of style challenges, we’ve left it more or less up to you what to choose for your outfits, but this week we thought we’d get back to styling a specific item. We picked this Topshop body because although animal print is very much “in fashion” at the moment, we know that an awful lot of you… well, hate it. It’s not the easiest thing to style either, but today we ask you to cast all of your fears aside and imagine that you HAVE to wear this item. There is no choice. What you wear it with, however, is totally up to you, so we’re looking forward to seeing what you…

Style Challenge: What to wear to a Halloween party

With Halloween coming up fast, we want to know what you’ll be wearing if you’re going out to celebrate – or what you would wear if you were going out somewhere. This Style Challenge, then, will call for some creativity, as we ask you to use Polyvore to create a Halloween costume – you can be as outrageous or as subtle as you like! Oh, and you don’t have to use the bag pictured above (it’s from Topshop, in case you’re wondering) – it’s there purely for the purpose of illustration, but you can, of course, feel free to use it if you like! Take a look at the rules before getting started:   The Rules: 1. Log-in to Polyvore…

Style Challenge: What to Wear to a Winter Wedding?

This week’s Style Challenge will call for a little more creativity than usual, as rather than giving you a particular item to style, we’re going to ask you to help us answer one of the questions we get asked most often by our readers: What to wear to a winter wedding? As usual with our Style Challenges, you can use Polyvore to put together your outfits: the only difference is that rather than us telling YOU what to wear, you can tell us, using any items you like. For the purposes of the game, we’ll assume that the wedding you’re attending is a traditional church wedding, being held during the winter. What would you wear? Post your Polyvore links in…

What to Wear With Thigh High Boots, Part 4

Rexilla’s outfit Just in case you’re still wondering what to wear with thigh high boots, here’s the 4th and final part of our Style Challenge to inspire you. We’ll have another Style Challenge for you soon, but in the mean time, if there’s a particular item you’d like to see your fellow readers style, feel free to suggest it in the comments! Thanks to everyone who took part – we’ve absolutely loved the entries to this one!

What to Wear With Thigh High Boots, Part 2

thigh high winter by Bella.lit featuring Ann Demeulemeester jackets Bella’s outfit We’ve been really enjoying the entries to our thigh high boots Style Challenge -in fact, you’ve made us really want to add these boots to our police uniform now. Whoops. Some more entries under the jump – remember and tell us what you think!

What to Wear With Thigh High Boots, Part 1

Half and Half by LongingForLondon featuring Lulu Guinness bags Rachel X’s outfit We have lots of entries to get through in our thigh high boots challenge, so here’s part one of the results, featuring your suggestions on the best way to wear one of this winter’s biggest trends!