What to Wear With Wet Look Leggings, Part 1


Jilly's outfit: click for item details

Wow. We totally didn't expect such a huge response to our Style Challenge post last week, but we're at 66 comments and counting, so we think the best way to show you the results is in batches of 10. The look above was styled by Jilly and you'll find some more under the jump. We're going to post the outfits in the order they were received, and to save us a bit of time, if you submitted more than one, we'll post the first outfit only. As we've gone through the comments, we've also noticed a couple of links that didn't work, so if you're wondering why your outfit didn't get posted, please go back and check the link!

Thanks to everyone who took part: we loved seeing all of your outfits! As the point of the exercise was to work out the best way to wear a "difficult" tend, please feel free to tell us which outfit you liked best (but please be constructive – remember, it's supposed to be fun, too!)

If you'd like to suggest an item we can use in a future Style Challenge, just just let us know in the comments…


 Kelli's outfit


Xony's outfit


ElleG's outfit


Gokarm's outfit


Chloe's outfit


Olivia's outfit


Milano Cookie's outfit


Izzy's outfit


Kayley's outfit

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