I love Deb’s and Leighs! so cute & classy! …

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I love Deb’s and Leighs! so cute & classy!

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Fashion Police Checkpoint: What are you wearing right now?
teal and navy thin striped dress (3/4 sleeved)
and grey capri leggings because it’s windy

Fashion Peeves: Ugly Zippers
i really dislike exposed zippers in the back, however on the right dress when the exposed zipper is in the front, i think it looks fantastic.

Handbag of the Week: Harveys Seatbelt Bag
i don’t know if this is from the original company, but i LOVE seatbeltbags (seatbeltbags.com, you should check it out. they are a little pricey but are made so well and are completely worth it)
they are sturdy and smooth (nice to the touch) and SO beautiful! i have a paint by numbers tote and it is absolutely wonderful.

Catwoman hoodie by Tripp NYC: for your inner super-villain
at first glance i thought it was adorable (provided the person wearing it is not out of college)
then i looked on the website and found out it has garter straps… sooo trashy!

Fashion Police at the 2009 Oscars: Miley Cyrus in Zuhair Murad
the shape of the parts of the skirt looks like the shape of reptile scales. i can’t get past that. from the waist up she looks very nice.

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