Wow, so many good ones! Love Rexilla’s, Katie’s and Cleps’ …

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Wow, so many good ones! Love Rexilla’s, Katie’s and Cleps’ the most. I now want thigh highs, but with my little 155cm body, no can do!

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Important Message about The Fashion Police and Heart Internet web hosting
What a nightmare! Good luck with getting it up and running again! Will keep checking back to see if there’s been any improvement đŸ™‚

Mark Fast uses “plus sized” models in London Fashion Week Show
In Australia, plus sized clothing shops start at a 14 and we have the same sizes as the UK.

Fashion Police declare State of Emergency as Snuggie holds a fashion show
Hahaha, oh my god, the world is definitely ending… the organisers of New York Fashion Week should be ashamed, that’s just embarrassing!

GaGaGallery: MTV Video Music Awards 2009- Lady Gaga performs covered in blood
Oh my god. I am speechless as well. I really don’t think she’s been around long enough to earn the right to be that eccentric…

Style On Trial: Roberto Cavalli suede ankle boots with curved heels
Love them, the heels are a bit strange, but I’d still love them and wear them.

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