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What to Wear With Clogs: Style Challenge results

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clogs by lola101x featuring Vince tops

Lauren’s outfit

Love them or hate them, clogs have played a huge role in fashion this season, and it looks like they’re going to be clinging on by the tips of their wooden heels well into next season, too – have you seen the fur-lined versions that are coming out for winter?

Clogs aren’t always the easiest things to wear, though, so last week we challenged you to show us what kind of outfit you’d put together to wear with them, assuming you absolutely HAD to wear them.

Here’s what you came up with! Thanks to everyone who took part in this challenge: remember to leave us a comment to tell us which outfit is your favourite!

Kookakicha’s outfit

Amy’s outfit

alovesclothesk’s outfit

Ellie’s outfit

Tara’s outfit

Drea’s outfit

Marianne S’s outfit

Lauren M’s outfit

Karen’s outfit

Rachel X’s outfit

Soe_the_arts’ outfit

Ila Naidu’s outfit

Sarah’s outfit

Serinde’s outfit

Katie’s outfit

Eilis’s outfit

Alex’s outfit

Maxene’s outfit

Liza’s outfit

Anneke’s outfit

Yukina’s outfit

Misty’s outfit

Megs’ outfit

curiouschellie’s outfit

Emily’s outfit

Marina’s outfit

Sandra’s outfit

Hannah’s outfit

Sofia’s outfit

Camelia’s outfit

Magui’s outfit

Trix’s outfit

Isabel’s outfit

Meghan McNally’s outfit

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