Ask the Fashion Police: Find me a dress for senior prom!


"Dear Fashion Police,

While it is not my senior prom, I was invited to prom by a friend and I really need help on choosing what kind of dress to wear. The country I live in is unkind (fashion-wise) to those who are larger than a size 2 . I am big in the hips, the breasts, the butt and thighs, while being reasonably smaller in the waist. I was wondering if you or others of the Fashion Police could help me choose a flattering style of dress for my kind of body. Thank you so much."

Hi Deborah,

Sounds like you have a classic hourglass figure, which makes you lucky because the standard prom dress shape was made for you! You don’t say what kind of colouring you have, or what kind of shapes/fabrics you like, but in general you should be looking for dresses that emphasise your small waist. The Warehouse dress on the left of the picture above has a wide band around the waist which will help do that, while the wide skirt hides your butt and thighs. If you’re not comfortable with the strapless style, though, Monsoon’s ‘Cico’ dress, on the right, will be a little more comfortable. More pics after the jump…


If you’d like to wear something full-length, the softly draping fabric of this Faviana gown will be kind to your curves and float nicely around the body.

Finally, something really dramatic (and what I’d probably wear if I was going to a prom, with red high heels and matching lipstick), with a big bow to emphasise your waist:


It’s $400 at Prom Dresses Direct, but I’d say it’s worth every penny…

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