What to Wear to a Concert

what to wear to a concert


This is actually a trickier question than you might at first think: concerts SEEM like a great excuse to dress your best after all, but then again, you’re probably going to be getting hot, sweaty, and possibly stamped on a few times, so you also need to go with something practical. So what to wear?

Well, first things first: before you can decide what to wear to a concert, you need to know what KIND of concert it is. If you’re going to be sitting down, listening to classical music, say, you’ll probably want to dress a little differently from someone going to a rock concert. If it’s country music you’re into, meanwhile, the dress code might be different again. For the purposes of this article, though, we’re going to assume it’s some kind of rock or pop concert you’re dressing for. Which brings us to the next question…


If you’re going to be in a seated area, rather than in the middle of the mosh pit, say, you can pretty much wear whatever you like: concerts tend to be pretty casual, so a smartened up version of whatever you usually wear is a safe enough bet, but hey – you do you.

If you’re standing, on the other hand, you’re going to be on your feet for several hours, and probably squashed in amongst the rest of the crowd. It’ll be hot, sweaty and there’s a good chance someone will end up spilling a drink on you at some point, so here’s the first rule of dressing for a concert:


Seriously, no matter how much you want to “dress up”, be aware that whatever you wear is going to be soaked in sweat, and God knows what else by the end of the night – delicate fabrics, expensive clothing, and things that have to be dry cleaned are probably a no-no, then.

Instead, choose fabrics that’ll “breathe”, colours that don’t stain too easily (or clothes old/inexpensive enough that you don’t really care if they do), and clothing that’s comfortable to move around it. Pay particular attention to shoes: if the crowd’s a particularly lively one, you WILL get pushed around a bit, so slip on shoes – which can just as easily slip OFF – are best avoided. Instead, choose boots, sneakers or other shoes that offer some protection to your toes, and which are secure enough not to go flying off your feet when you dance. If you can comfortably stand/dance in heels, go for it – if not, choose something comfortable enough to stand around in, because you’ll be doing quite a lot of it.

Bear in mind that temperatures get pretty hot at concerts: if you’re wearing a coat or jacket, you’ll probably want to take it off, but unless there’s a handy cloakroom to check it into (and there probably won’t be), that means you’ll be left holding it for the duration of the concert. To avoid that, it’s easier to wear layers which can be easily added or removed: if you think you’ll be cold on the way to the venue, but warm inside, try to choose outerwear you can tie around your waist rather than something that you’ll want to hang up.

As for the specifics of what to wear – well, that’s really up to you to decide. You’ll likely see a lot of people in jeans and band tees, so if your aim is to fit in, that’s an easy way to do it. If you’re happy to stick to your own style, though, there’s no reason not to – as long as you bear the points above in mind.

Have fun!

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