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What Not to Wear to the Beach: the Bow Bikini


We'd arrest this model for being an accessory to a crime of fashion, but seriously, would YOU mess with her? She's all, "SO? You wanna make something of this? You wanna comment on my BOW BIKINI? Come on, I dare yas!"

And we're all, "Er, no, no my good woman. You just keep right on standing there and don't move a muscle. No, seriously, we said don't move a muscle. Because unless you've already anchored that thing with some serious tit tape, that's a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen right there."

This criminal was reported to us on Friday afternoon, by Fashion Police reader Katie. Katie, we didn't get much sleep this weekend after seeing this, but thanks for the report, anyway!

(Note: what makes this whole thing worse, is that the bow – which this site describes as a "bikini top" is NOT INCLUDED. And seriously, can you imagine what it would look like wothout it?!)

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