What does the fox say?

stripe t-shirt with circles on shoulders

[Buy it for £230]

Ah, the classic stripe t-shirt! So simple, and yet so effective, especially at this time of year, when it works effortlessly with a pair of jeans or a skirt. It’s an all-time classic… it’s also maybe a little bit boring, though? Don’t you think? So why not give the humble t-shirt a high-fashion makeover, with the addition of two giant, shiny red circles on the shoulders? That won’t look odd at all:

stripe t-shirt

One of the ways you tend to see stripe t-shirts worn is with white jeans or shorts, for a fresh, summery look. Might we suggest these?

sheer cullottes

[Buy them for £48]

These are sheer white culottes, with built-in shorts, so you won’t have to worry about people thinking you’re out in your undies. You WILL have to worry about people thinking you’re wearing short shorts with MORE shorts on top of them, however, because, well, that IS what you’ll be doing. But anything to be edgy and fashion-forward, right?

If the stripe t-shirt is still too basic for you, you could go for this neoprene sweatshirt instead:

fox top

[Buy it for £313]

Now, we love a bit of neoprene, especially on full skirts (it gives them tons of volume, and doesn’t require any ironing), and on wetsuits, which is what it’s most commonly used for. We can’t help but wonder how comfortable a neoprene sweatshirt would be though: and to suspect that the thick fabric really would put the “sweat” into “sweatshirt”. And that, of course, is to say nothing of the fact that we know actual toddlers who’d say this was just WAY too childish for them. Of course, most toddlers couldn’t afford to drop £313 on their neoprene sweater anyway, so this one is strictly for those adults who’d like to inject a little bit of fun into their look – and to spend the entire day fielding comments and questions about their fashion sense…

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