I love flatforms! They’re so cute! …

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I love flatforms! They’re so cute!

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Bob hats by Azumi & David
You’re doing it wrong.

The Thigh’s Not the Limit
How are you supposed to wear underwear with that? I mean, I realize that thongs exist, but would you really want to have an exposed behind when a slit is up that high? It doesn’t look stable to sit down in.

Bright Enough For Ya?
Peep-toe boot rule on the item page!

Style Trial: River Island polka dot and stripe ankle grazer jeans
They look kind of like clown pants. Not that that’s a bad thing, if you’re a clown. I guess. I still kind of like them, even though clowns are scary. XD Wouldn’t wear them, though.

Ground Zero Bruce Short Sleeves Jacket Dress
I love her hair. So triangular.

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