Flatforms? Gag me. …

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Flatforms? Gag me.

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Fashion Police at the Chanel Collection Croisiere Show 2011
I definately love Rachel’s look. Although, in all fairness, I pretty much love her anyway. (I have a little tiny celebrity crush on her!)

Style on Trial: Naomi Watts in a “shress”
It looks like tiered curtains. Why would ANYONE wear something like that. . . much less Naomi!

Daylight Robbery? Balmain embellished motocross jacket
It’s a nice jacket. . . But WHO IN THE WORLD would pay that much??? Much less so many people that it is SOLD OUT?!?!?!? It is just beyond my comprehension.

Scary Shoes: Camilla Skovgaard Overlay Platform Sandals
They look like some sort of scary Domnitrix shoes.

Fashion Police for the Boys: Barbour quilted shirt jacket
Ew. If I ever saw my man in that. . . THING, he would me out of my house in no time flat. Not that I care about appeareances or anything 🙂

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