The Wine Wipes are a great idea – I’ll be …

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The Wine Wipes are a great idea – I’ll be buying some!

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Wear or Die: Ugly Prom Dress Edition
+1 for the orange – maybe you need to change the name to wear AND die…

What’s your favourite online fashion shop in the US? – everything from designer to cheap, extensive customer comments/ratings of items, almost any category of clothes you can think of, free shipping & excellent return/exchange policy, amazing customer support – tall sizes that aren’t huge all over, some trendy, some classic & for classic basics

Fashion Police Checkpoint: What are you wearing right now?
Casual friday @ work: Black v-neck tee, black walking shorts, gray Toms Cordones, mixed-metal necklace by Mullanium, gold wedding ring, maroon glasses.

Ask The Fashion Police: Which single item of clothing would you ban?
Flip flops.

Ask the Fashion Police: Wearing black to weddings, stockings with sandals and other frequently asked style questions
I’ve had many times I’ve wished for a pair of heelies in gigantic airports or shopping malls.

Being a woman of a certain age, nude matte finish hose with open toes (as long as the toes aren’t reinforced) don’t bother me with open toed shoes. But high-contrast looks, as in the pic or the reverse (dark with light or vice versa) don’t thrill me.

Thanks for the advice on cheering up a black dress with bright accessories at weddings. Not sure I’ll ever be able to bring myself to buy a black dress to wear to one, but this might make it workable for me, so I appreciate the added option!

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