Ask the Fashion Police: What colour of shoes with a royal blue dress?

Nude_shoes Holly writes…

I am a mother of the bride and we are having a sophisticated but casual morning outdoor wedding. I purchased a royal blue short satin dress. clean lines very Jackie O what do you suggest for shoes? Some suggest silver but that seems too night club like. Do I need to stick with silver jewelry.

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Without seeing the actual dress, we can’t suggest a specific pair of shoes, of course, but nope, you’re definitely not stuck with silver – although metallics can be a good option, as they will work with most colours. If you’re worried about looking like you’re going clubbing, choose a dull metallic rather than a shiny one and you’ll be good. Or choose a bronze or copper rather than silver and gold.

If you’re keen to avoid metallics, though, there are still other options. Lots of colours work well with bright blue, but given that it’s a wedding and you’re going to want to be stylish rather than “fashionable”, we’d suggest forgetting about anything too loud, and keeping it neutral. Literally. Our favourite shoe colour at the moment is “nude”, like the Rupert Sanderson slingbacks shown above, which are from Net-a-Porter.

Now, we’re not suggesting you buy these exact shoes, because we haven’t seen the dress, so we have no idea whether they’d be suitable or not. But this colour will work with just about everything, and will let the royal blue dress do the talking. Added bonus: if you can find a “nude” that matches your skin tone, they’ll make your legs look like they go on forever.

If that doesn’t appeal, then tan, taupe or even cream will all work perfectly well with the colour of your dress.

As for jewelry, again, no, you don’t have to stick with silver – although we think it looks lovely with bright blues. Gold will work just fine, too.

Enjoy the day!

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