The Ugliest Shoes in the World?

ugliest shoes in the world To quote Prince: could these be, the most hideous shoes in the world? (OK, so not quoting Prince there, but stay with me here…) I certainly think so. The weird heel, the great big clums old open toe that looks like the kind of thing you normally see an American Tan tight poking out of, the rubber sole, the WHOLE DAMN THING, PEOPLE. They’re by John Fluevog, and apparently people are paying $238 from them, which just goes to show that some people really do have a helluva lot more money than sense…

Yves “D’orsay” Pump


As I got this picture ready to post, my husband looked over my shoulder and said, "Oh my God, what the hell is THAT?" So I know how he’ll be voting. What I’m not so sure on is how the rest of you fashion police-people will vote on this one. It is, of course, the Yves D’orsay pump, it’s $550, and it’s either adorably quirly or completely freakin’ awful, depending on how you look at it.

Alexander McQueen Corsage Vintage Sandals

Alexander mcqueen Corsage Vintage Sandals

Excuse the posting hiatus, folks: I’ve been off getting married and creating fashion crimes of my own on honeymoon, but I’m now back, and while catching up with all of the lovely new things for sale at my favourite online retailers, I found some not-so-lovely things too. Witness Alexander McQueen’s corsage shoes, for instance –  £785 to give you cankles like you would not believe. At first I wanted to give these babies the benefit of the doubt. "Maybe they’re the kind of shoes that look better on?" I thought doubtfully. But actually? Not so much, it would seem…

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